PAMELA ELIZABETH is a New York City native, and has been a passionate, ethical vegan for more than twenty years.  Having opened her first vegan restaurant location in Manhattan in late 2005, 'Blossom Vegan Restaurant', the goal with Cocoa V is to make an outstanding dairy-free/vegan chocolate and confections product line to help redefine how we think about such sweets, and the use of animal products in recipes in general.  Some think "dairy free" or "vegan" means product will lack flavor, texture or visual beauty, but to Elizabeth, nothing could be further from the truth!

DAMION BADALAMENTI a New York City native, is a passionately dedicated chocolate and pastry professional. With over twenty years experience in the culinary field and expertise in both the luxury and artisanal sides of the chocolate and candy making markets, he has an intimate understanding and deep passion for both the technical and creative sides of the craft. After extensively training at some of NYC’s finest restaurants, Damion’s love of chocolate and travel led him to Europe. There he spent time in apprenticeships honing in on his palate, technique and creative expression. Since then Damion has worked professionally on a global scale. Consulting on a wide range of chocolate and confectionary projects. From bean to bar manufacturing to restaurant openings, he has traveled far and wide in search of all things chocolate and delicious. Damion is excited about joining Cocoa V as their new Executive Chocolatier, where he can apply his emphasis on taste and technique to creating luxury vegan confections unlike any other in the industry.