Cocoa V Chocolat was founded by Pamela Elizabeth, a native New Yorker who has been a passionate, ethical vegan for more than twenty years.  Having opened her first vegan restaurant location in Manhattan in late 2005, 'Blossom Vegan Restaurant', the vegan quick serve chain, 'Blossom Du Jour' in 2010, and 'Urban Vegan Kitchen' in 2016, the goal with Cocoa V is to make an outstanding dairy-free/vegan chocolate and confections product line to help redefine how we think about such sweets, and the use of animal products in recipes in general.  Some think "dairy free" or "vegan" means product will lack flavor, texture or visual beauty, but to Elizabeth, nothing could be further from the truth!

Cocoa V's artisanal 100% dairy free, ethical vegan and certified kosher products are produced on site at the NYC flagship location in a small but productive kitchen.  There will never be the chance of the all too commonly seen text "produced in a facility that also processes dairy and eggs" on any of our labels or information packets.  Cocoa V is committed to providing a complete vegan product line from the ingredients to the facility it's prepared in.  

For an "in person" chocolat experience visit our shop and enjoy chocolates, confections, pastries, wine, and coffee drinks. 
A signature line of crepes is coming soon!

Cocoa V ships nationwide.